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Stijn Piscador , better known as Pisca, discovered his love for house music when he first entered club illusion, after years of clubbing he decided that it was time to spin the decks for himself after playing at a couple of local events in his hometown “willebroek”,he got the chance to play at the infamous ‘club casino’ , the founder of this concept was nobody less than Nico Morano.


After that Then things went really fast, Soon he played at clubs and events like : la rocca/ café d’anvers/ vaag/ ampere/ zodiak/ decadance/ ketaloco/ sunset terrazza & feestgedruis.

Pisca and some of his friends also started their own concept Distel House which they still organise every year with succes! He’s also a proud resident of ongemanierd/ vief/ bunker/ untz untz/ gewoel


His motivation and musical versatility with contagious energy always get’s the crowd moving!

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