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This new Belgian band approaches UK Garage, Grime & Bass music for a live performance. An allstar team with Thomas Geysen on drums, Aram Abgaryan on keys and Willem Heylen on guitar. KRANKk crunches, let’s say they are the dirty Belgian variant of the English Grime. Their dark, aggressive music blends with speedy raps from famous guests & MC’s like Miss Angel, Blu Samu, DVTCH NORRIS and other fierce devils from the Belgian hip-hop scene. Their first release in 2018 was “How We Were”. This single crunches and cuts into your eardrum. You’re immediately catapulted back to those good old days of WARP records or even better, put Iglooghost and Aphex Twin together on the captagon in the same studio. Their new record ‘DARK’ digs deeper and further in that UK scene, but builds with the right stones a new and own universe. Perfection in every track in combination with that oh so nice hook. The album will be released in March 2019 and has the title track “Crazy”, a collab with David Ngyah. It soon becomes clear that KRANKk is going to reach international heights with this formula. Live it’s a canon ball on speed, it is infectiously exciting, danceable and super virtuoso.

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