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Daddy Cookiz, one of the singers of the group Atomic Spliff, takes us into his musical universe. A microphone, a drum machine, a melodica, the session begins, We rediscover a purer universe and an engaging atmosphere, influenced from an early age by hip-hop, reggae and Dub, he interprets his songs live using his vocal cords and the keys of his electronic companions.


Combining his writing with personal and surprising musical compositions, the mix is both transporting and energetic, sometimes alone, sometimes accompanied by other musicians, he offers a light but effective formula based on the authenticity of a live performance that is alive and imbued with the atmosphere of the places he has meticulously chosen.


The expression “Cool and Eazy” reflects this relaxed, unashamed and resolutely sincere approach to music. The energy that comes out of it is positive and fresh. The first “live capsule” was shot on the “Légia”, a barge that hosts many groups for concerts and recordings; a symbolic place of the cultural life of Liege.

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