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Bram is a local DJ who is also known as Sugar from ‘Sugar & Oats’, a collaboration with DJ Christophe vh. He has been playing vinyl since the early 2000s, mainly buying house records. Until in 2005 his collection was stolen from their clubhouse, from then on he switched to digital, playing mainly deep house, tech house and techno and still does so. In 2016 he bought himself a small record collection and rediscovered his love for vinyl, since then he has added more than 1000 records to that collection, especially classics but also new stuff.


He mainly played small local parties and bars. In 2015, he won the Aftrsun Festival DJ contest, winning a place on the festival’s time table. Since then some nice bookings have been added, especially look at projects such as Keet !, Everywhere, ZWRT GOUD and Backyard.

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