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Bombataz consists of four musical all-rounders picking flavours from every possible genre, in order to obtain a unique yet very danceable cocktail. Their first EP ‘¡Kapao!’, released under Fake Records, presents the audience a first taste of this unique approach. Embark on a wonderful ride through their universe and brace yourself to encounter everything on the wide musical spectrum between melancholy and playfulness, added with some crazy voice effects and out-of-this-world samples. First single ‘Frankenstein’ is proof that this exciting sound could transcend all borders. With spectacular virtuoso and a sharp sense of humor, Bombataz will nonchalantly demolish every stage they set foot on.


with Vitja Pauwels (guitar, voice), Hendrik Lasure (keys), Ruben De Maesschalck (bass) en Casper Van De Velde (drums).Pictures


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